Ebeniste, Marqueterie & restaurateur meuble ancien Paris, Ile de France, Seine & Marne (77), hauts de seine (92)
Ebeniste, Marqueterie & restaurateur meuble ancien Paris, Ile de France, Seine & Marne (77), hauts de seine (92)

Located 30km from Paris, the workshop restores your antique furniture with the greatest care. From the 18th marquetry inlaid secretary, to the Boulle marquetry furniture or cartel, the gilded console or frame, to the Louis Philippe solid wood buffet, the restoration technique will be adopted with the greatest respect according to the object and its period.

The restoration of heritage being subject to a specific code of ethics to which the workshop is attached, the working methods are therefore similar or even identical to those practised in the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries. Thus the workshop prepares itself and uses exclusively: animal glues, vegetable dyes, varnishes based on natural resins/gums, natural animal/vegetable waxes.

The use of machine tools is very limited, most of the work being done by hand using various tools, most of which are similar to those of previous centuries. The respect of the products, techniques and tools used guarantee the respect of the integrity of the object and a reversibility of the actions undertaken. The use of modern techniques can in certain cases be added to traditional techniques in order to perfect the work without however substituting them, nor derogating from the basic principles.

Any restoration can be accompanied by a detailed restoration/preservation file with photos to ensure proper monitoring of the work (on request).

After 4 years of studies in joinery, his character, and his perfectionist nature ended up orienting him towards cabinet making. Based on the basics acquired in joinery, he then decided to turn to a training in cabinet making where he could learn in particular: to compose various patterns of veneer geometry, to study wood (indigenous and exotic), the history of art, traditional finishes, cabinet making assemblies, the use of hand tools and all that follows...

Conquered by the richness and beauty of this profession, he goes further by training in restoration of antique furniture where he will improve and enrich his knowledge, both in cabinet making, and in any other profession related to furniture (including through exhibitions in the capital in which he actively participates). In addition to the precision of the work and the more demanding tolerance of error, this training will enable him to develop his knowledge in art furniture: knowing how to "read" furniture, situate its historical context, study its manufacture but also and above all understand the fundamental principles of restoration/conservation: reversibility, legibility, compatibility and stability. During his training he will be laureate of the national competition « Un des meilleurs apprentis de France » in marquetry.

Curious to learn more, he continued his apprenticeship in ornamental woordcarving at the « CFA de l'ameublement de paris LA BONNE GRAINE ». Apprentice within the BREDY workshop (formerly FANCELLI) where he will work mainly on the restoration of the woodwork of the Peninsula hotel in Paris, his training will allow him to follow in parallel courses of gold leaf gilding. He will also take evening classes in ornamental drawing with Patrick Blanchard and modelling with Eric Brohan at the Boulle school. Sharpening of the eye, control of the gesture, vision of volume and space, study of the ornament... to the appointment. 3 years later, he graduated as both ornamental sculptor and ornamental gilder.

He will then meet Patrick Edwards (former student of Pierre Ramond) and Patrice Lejeune (graduate of the Boulle school), antique furniture restorers in San Diego at the ANTIQUE REFINISHERS workshop. A professional stay in their workshop will allow him to work mainly on the restoration of an English secretary with marquetry of the end XVIIe and to deepen his knowledge in term of conservation.

He completed his professional training with an internship in the cabinet makers workshop of Palais of Versailles. Surrounded by Eric de Meyer and his team, he worked on a project for the King's bedroom and was initiated to woodturning.

Today, as a self-employed craftsman, he uses all his wish to do well in the tasks he undertakes in order to acquire the dexterity and know-how that will one day enable him to attain « the quintessence of the work ».